Manchester Environmental Education Network

Sustainable Schools Resources

MEEN has been given permission to host the resources and materials from the Sustainable Schools site.  These resources consist of a range of guides, lesson plans and advice aiming to involve all levels of school staff in a drive towards sustainability.

Confused about sustainability?  Begin with Sustainable Schools: A brief introduction.


Top Tips for Sustainability

A selection of useful booklets providing simple guidance and tips on how to bring the teaching and practices of sustainability into your classroom.

Top Tips for Biodiversity
Top Tips for Sustainable Energy and Water
Top Tips for Sustainable Food and Catering
Top Tips for Global Dimension
Top Tips for Sustainable Purchasing
Top Tips for Sustainable School Travel
Top Tips to Reduce Waste


DCSF Lesson Plans and Assembly Resources

Teaching packs and lesson plans following the sustainable schools unit framework.

An Introduction to the Units
Sustainable Schools Teaching Resources:  Primary  Link to a range of teaching resources for Primary ages
Sustainable Schools Teaching Resources:  Secondary  Link to a range of teaching resources for Secondary pupils
Carbon Detectives Kit (KS 2 and 3)  Link the to Carbon Detectives website
Climate Change Film Pack  Lesson plan to be used to support a showing of An Inconvenient Truth
Sustainable Schools Assemblies  A selection of assembly plans addressing each of the Eight Doorways. 

Planning and Evaluating Your School's Progress

A series of materials guiding you through carbon management in your school, including materials for self-evaluation, a guide to embedding sustainability in the curriculum, award schemes and a colourful poster outlining the importance of achieving sustainability in each of the Eight Doorways.

Climate Change and Schools   A carbon management strategy for the school sector.

Sustainable Development in Action    This links to the new Department of Education website which has information and resources on becoming a sustainable school.

Sustainable School Self-evaluation (s3)   A tool designed to help schools evaluate their current efforts to create a sustainable school and to inform their next steps. Because it is structured using the headings in the Ofsted self-evaluation form, it provides a neat way to demonstrate how sustainability contributes to school improvement.

Planning a Sustainable School   A guide and training workshops for teachers, head teachers and governors to help schools plan, implement and monitor their progress towards becoming a sustainable school.

National Framework poster.pdf   A useful poster illustrating the sustainable schools strategy.


School Leaders and Local Authorities

A Bursar's Guide to Sustainable Schools  A workshop toolkit
A Governor's Guide to Sustainable Schools A workshop toolkit
Leading Sustainable Schools  A report on the successes in leading sustainable schools
Delivering Sustainable Communities through Sustainable Schools  A guide for local authorities
Evidence of Impact of Sustainable Schools