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Climate Change

Teach the Future

Not so much a teaching resource as a campaign by young people demanding we all take climate change education more seriously. However, this could make a very good teaching resource with a little imagination the most obvious being the request to write a letter to your MP.

Teacher's Climate Guide

You may wonder why a link to a Finnish teacher's guide is included? Simply because it examines climate change through a range of subjects which teachers could find useful.

WWF Footprint Calculator 

This is a personal carbon footprint calculator where you can revisit the process to see what adjustments might help you reduce your footprint.

Making connections

This simple card game activity makes the links between switching on a light and energy use to climate change and flooding.

Crazy Climate 

The picture on this worksheet produced by Actionaid can be used as a good prompt to discuss our understanding about what causes climate change. 

Royal Geographical Society

There are a good choice of resources for KS3 although some of the information is a little dated.

The Pod (eco-schools) - Power the UK

A quick game to learn about renewables and fossil fuels.

Thoughtbox Education climate resources

Thoughtbox gives free access to sets of climate change lessons for all ages - click on the above title for the link. The lessons for Years 3/4 and 5/6 are downloaded here for easy access.

Here are a set of lessons for Years 3 and 4:
Lesson 1.
Lesson 2.
Oil cards for Lesson 2.

Lesson 3.
Lesson 4.
Pledge card for Lesson 4.

Schemes of Work
Teacher's Guide

Parent's pack - Years 3-4

Here are a set of lessons for Years 5 and 6:
Lesson 1.
Lesson 2.
PDFs for lesson 2:
Plastics   Flying   Food waste   Human habits
Lesson 3.
Lesson 4.

Schemes of work
Teacher's Pack

Parent's pack - Years 5-6

Making a start: energy saving in school (WWF)

This is a fairly detailed case study of a project in Scotland where children were involved in monitoring and reducing energy use across the school over a four year cycle.

Carbon Partners

These UK & African School Footprint Cards are a downloadable set of cards showing a breakdown of carbon emissions produced by a typical school in the UK and Africa. Click here. There are also figures for an "eco-school" in the UK and an African school with higher emissions although pitting the UK against an entire continent may seem odd the cards highlight the UK's intensity of energy use.

Carbon Partners have also produced a 'What's the Carbon Footprint of...' set of cards to compare the emissions of everyday activities.

The National Geographic

The National Geographic have a number of excellent short videos on the issue of climate change suitable for KS2 and KS3 Science and Geography.

NASA space agency

NASA have a section on their website called Climate Kids which has various resources including videos, games and craft resources to do with climate change and the issues around it. The resources are suitable for KS2 and KS3 Science, Geography, Art and DT.

Manchester Climate Change Champions a whole school guide

This free toolkit, created by MEEN with Manchester schools in mind, will help teachers and pupils work together to find out what they can do to take action on climate change. However, please bear in mind that the targets for (Greater) Manchester have changed to carbon neutrality by 2038 and that most of the local contacts listed are no longer working.

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