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Energy and Water

An Energy Investigation

Suitable for: Upper KS2
These resource sheets, put together by MEEN, combine to help a school investigate the issues behind energy wastage and include: investigating people's behaviour in the building, interviewing the adults in charge of energy use to discover how the system is managed and an investigation of the hot and cold spots.

Wind Power Challenge

Suitable for KS2 - 4, this renewable energy challenge puts students' competitive spirits to the test.
Students are given minimal materials and asked to design a wind powered machine that can lift a weighted cup off the floor. Teachers instruction sheets, related video clips and even certificates are provided.

Beat the Flood

Suitable for KS3
An exciting challenge and competition to design and build flood-resistant homes: Flooding due to climate change can have a devastating effect on people's lives. Set on the fictitious island of Watu, pupils explore how STEM skills can be used to help communities be better prepared for flooding.

Power for the World

Suitable for: KS2/3
Working in teams pupils explore issues around renewable energy in the developing world and build their own wind turbines.

WaterAid UK

Suitable for KS2/3/4
Go to the above link to access WaterAid's many teaching resources.

The Solar Challenge

Suitable for KS2/3
A great exercise for learning about renewable energy.

The Water Project

The Water Crisis lesson plans are available for a variety of ages.

Personal water eco audit

This is a simple home- based measuring and recording activity to give a good idea of water use.

Supporting Materials and Projects

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