Greenslate Farm
Accessibility information

The farm offers a wide range of hands on learning activities for groups with different impairments from visual to learning. Activities include sowing seeds, doing a project on sensory gardens, food growing, woodworking, natural wall art, animal interaction with goats and chickens and tactile learning for those who are visually impaired. The staff have experience of tailor making programmes to suit any particular need.

The site is still being developed, so some sections don't have an accessible path for wheelchairs or moving along some paths may require assistance. However,  the path leading to the barn, where a variety of hands on activities take place including natural art and petting of animals, is accessible. There is an accessible toilet in the cabin which has an accessible ramp leading to it. There will be an accessible shop and classroom.

For groups to get the most out of their day it is advisable to book a month in advance and to fill out a service information sheet which the farm will send out.