Museum Of Science and Industry (MOSI)
Accessibility information

The museum has an education centre which comprises of a cloakroom, lunch area, classrooms, toilets - one of which is accessible - and theatre area.

The centre can be accessed by lift and is all on one level. The classrooms and lunch area are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and have moveable seating. The classrooms are fitted with hearing loops and materials can be tailor made to suit pupils with different learning needs. There is ramped access to the theatre and enough space to accommodate wheelchairs. The theatre itself is quite dark, but staff can put on the house lights if requested.

In terms of planning a day to the museum the staff would prefer groups with SEN to come on a Monday or Friday when it is less busy. The museum on the whole is wheelchair accessible with wide enough display areas, ramps to certain levels, an accessible lift, accessible toilets and a network of paved paths leading to the various buildings on site, which either have ramped or level access. However access to and around the electricity building is by stairs only.