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Bowker Vale Intergenerational project notes

Published on 21st May 2015

Bowker Vale Primary Eco Team: Climate change session 28th May 2015

Talked about fossil fuels and how they come about. Kimberley demonstrated a decomposing body!! Raees explained that there are primary consumers and secondary consumers that make up the food chain and humans are at the top.

We talked about how the Amazon produces 20% of the Earth’s Oxygen and how important trees are for the planet. Discussed global warming and what happens to the light from the sun – it turns to heat and warms up the planet causing floods, droughts and extreme weather.

So – what can we do about this? Discussed alternative renewable energy sources: wind, solar, hydrothermal.

Shamir said “It would be a less exciting world without all the energy.”

Do adults care? Bijou and Fahad thought that: “adults care, they just don’t know what to do about it”. Kian said: “They are trying, just not as hard as they should be.”

How can we help? Do children care? Who do you think should do something about it?

“The people who use it should do something about it.” “The government…”

Molly said that “we won’t be around in the future but then, what about our future generations - … our children!” - A light bulb went on then amongst the group!

How can we help? What can WE do?

Adam: “We can make posters to tell people about it.”

“We can do a blog and have a live broadcast on our website” – Kian.

Where do you need to be in yourself? (asked Raichael) - “In your Heart and Soul”, said Molly.






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