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St Philip's Intergenerational project notes

Published on 16th April 2015

St Philip's Eco team chose to explore issues around Climate change and food waste and spent time discussing how to engage adults to help take positive action:

1. We have researched on the internet and found out that most British families throw away the equivalent of one whole meal a day , so they waste £60 per month. In fact we found out that 18-20 MILLION tonnes of food is wasted in the UK every year!

2. We are trying to get the Kitchen Staff on our side. They need to understand what are the correct recycling bins to use and why it is good to make compost out of unused fresh vegetable waste. The caretaker is helping us to begin to recycle stuff from all over the school and to put things into the correct bins. 

3. We have begun to find out about the gas Methane. This is made as food rots in landfill sites. It is a global warming gas which is much stronger than Carbon Dioxide. So we have to stop dumping old food into the black bins. Methane is really dangerous. 

4. We need to convince the Head Teacher and the Deputy Head about the importance of composting garden waste and other food waste. They can help us think about changing the minds of people who don’t care about Climate Change. We will write a letter to ask Mrs Livesey to support us.

5, We need to convince ALL the school students and teachers, so we will ask to do a Special Assembly after lunchtime, so the Lunchtime Organisers can come too, and see if we can get them to agree with us. We could show a part of the DVD Delhi Safari and teach everyone the song.

6. We found out that 82% of school children think that learning about Green Issues in school is important (Was it 82% of UK school children or all over the world?...) So we thought we would do a survey of OUR school to see what percentage of children here think this is true. 

7. We thought we could organise a Party for Parents with a Quiz to help them understand about Climate Change. We may have to think about different kinds of parent: the formal ones and others who are more cool and relaxed. Some of our parents come from different parts of the world like Iran, the Congo and Somalia, where people live very differently. That may make air pollution less of a problem than in  England, but OUR pollution is warming up the whole planet.


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