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Crumpsall Lane's Intergenerational project notes

Published on 16th April 2015

Crumpsall Lane Primary's Eco team notes 18th March 2015

1. We need to keep the school clean and green and make sure parents don’t drop litter any more.

2. We are worried about the cars outside school and the exhaust fumes which could give us asthma and make carbon monoxide gas which pollutes the clean air.

3. We want to know more about how electricity is made and we are interested in how the Urban Crew make sure everybody saves energy in school. It is good to get rewards for doing energy saving things well –like shutting doors, shutting down unnecessary computers and turning off lights. And picking up any litter in the Playground.

4. We need some more adults to help us as allies. We think these people will be our allies: Mrs Barratt, Miss Robson, Mr Gallagher and Mrs Churchill.We will ask to interview them about what they already know about Climate Change and how we can help to stop the planet from warming up because of greenhouse gases like carbon Dioxide and Methane. PS We need to know more about Methane!

5. Our grandparents come from lots of different places in the world and will know a lot about what we can do to save energy and food if there are power cuts. They come from Scotland, Egypt, Wales, England, India, Pakistan, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Germany, Italy and Palestine. We will ask Mrs Tweedy to write a letter to our grandparents and parents to ask if we can interview them about what THEY know about Climate Change and how to look after the planet better.

6. We agreed to focus on energy and saving electricity and gas because we can also do that at home. We thought we could start with planning for Switch Off Fortnight and see what Mr Gallagher has in his office which shows how much energy we are using on a normal day. Then we can compare it if we make some changes in the school. We already see that having new carpet and shutting doors makes a difference. We think we need some good valves so we can turn down the temperature on the old radiators. We need money so we need to influence the School Governors. We think we could start by interviewing the TA Governor, Mrs Ali and one of the Parent Governors. Then we can practice persuasive writing to help them spend some money on the things which could be changed. This might also include posters if we can come to the carbon Classroom again in the Arndale Centre in June.

We agreed to keep diaries of what we each do to make a difference in school – and at home. Our Diaries will be like the Diaries of the school Council but a different colour.

We will work in pairs or 3s to learn how to interview parents and grandparents and the influential people in school. Time scale: We will do the interviews by mid-May so we are ready with ideas for how to convince adults to take us seriously about making a difference to Climate Change.


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