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Armitage Primary's Intergenerational project notes

Published on 16th April 2015

Armitage Eco team meeting 27th March 2015
A summary

The pupils from Armitage Primary's Eco team were really pleased to be meeting up after a long break and their first point was that they needed to meet more often!

Following on from the Cathedral event they recapped what they knew about climate change and the basic idea that the earth is warming up because humans are using up too much fossil fuels. The pupils were pleased they now had some solar panels on the roof but decided they didn't have enough information about them.

They discussed how to stop people wasting energy - whether naming and shaming people was a good idea or whether is was about reminding people to switch things off. There was talk about changes they could make themselves too - about remembering to turn things off when they were charged and how to travel to school. They decided they still needed to do an assembly.

This was followed by a discussion on how to win over adults and how to help them make the kinds of changes needed to look after the planet. They had already written a questionnaire for parents on climate change and decided that they would approach parents in the hall  when they dropped off their children.  This way they decided,  they would find out what parents knew.

But they also wanted to make sure they talked to people who might be able to make sure the right decisions were made at a global level.

Someone suggested speaking to the Queen. Another pupils suggested speaking to the government, perhaps find out who represents the school community in parliament. It was decided to research this. Other pupils also wanted to talk to a contact they already had about climate change - they had met the Mayor. (Which Mayor?)

The points of action were:

1) To do the questionnaire, analyse the information and get parents on board;
2) Organise an assembly;
3) Research who the local politicians and people of influence might be;
4) Meet again on the first Monday morning back from Easter!


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