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A wreath for climate change?

Published on 13th December 2014

I went into a primary school and ran a family workshop making festive wreaths using willow, dogwood, cinnamon and a bit of sparkle! I had a lovely time weaving and binding, sticking and smiling. Coming back through school I was spotted by pupils who came rushing up to me asking 'Are we doing Eco Club today?' 'When are you next in?' 'You know we've got a lot to do!' as one pupil commented.

These young people had been involved in an energy and climate change event we'd organised at Manchester Cathedral and are passionate about looking after their planet. But for all their passion they can't do it on their own, they need us adults and those at Lima, and later in Paris, to stop talking and start changing the way we live and work. To make this happen we need to keep the pressure up on the 'powers that be' and make sure we keep talking to young people, supporting their initiatives and helping them create a future worth having.

MEEN has just launched its intergenerational project on climate change with the aspiration of opening up more conversations between young people and more 'seasoned' activists - so look out, we intend to be in touch! 


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