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MEEN's Spring 2022 Network Meeting - Waste Action Week

Date: 10th March 2022 - 3.45pm-5.30pm
Venue: On zoom

MEEN and KMT are hosting the next Eco Schools network meeting. As it is Waste Action Week we have invited a speaker from Food for Life, Flo Todd Fordham, to share their expertise on food waste reduction in schools and working with caterers and will have examples of how schools have tackled the problem of school lunch waste, including Heald Place Primary.

Emma Krijnen-kemp from Keep Manchester Tidy will be sharing information about the Great British Spring Clean and we will have a speaker from SUEZ/Recycle for Greater Manchester updating us on their new Repair shops.

We are also fortunate to have Eco Schools joining us so bring along any questions you might have about the Eco Schools process.

We would encourage you to air your projects and activities during the Green Teach Meet session and if you would like to make a small presentation including photographs then do let me know in advance.

To sign up for the session email Raichael at including you and your school/organisations details.


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