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MEEN holds an event every term, whether an Eco Schools focused network event, an intergenerational conference or a GM Forum event. This listing also includes relevant events hosted by other organisations.

13 records have been found, they are listed by date order.

MEEN's Autumn Tree Celebration and MEEN's 2023 AGM

We would like to invite you to a MEEN celebration of trees and our 2023 AGM which is being held on 16th November from 1pm - 4pm at Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street, Ancoats, M4 7HR.

Event date: 16th November 2023, 1pm - 4pm

MEEN's Autumn network meeting and MEEN's AGM

The meeting is being held on Friday 11th November 2022 on Zoom at 3.45pm and we have some fantastic contributions to share

Event date: Friday 11th November, from 3:45pm on Zoom

MEEN's Summer 2022 network meeting: Getting to Green Flag and beyond

The focus is on sharing what activities schools have been working on this year...

Event date: Thursday 16th of June at 3.45pm on zoom - 5.15pm

MEEN's Spring 2022 Network Meeting - Waste Action Week

Food waste, WEEE waste, general waste and how schools can campaign to reduce waste, with Food for Life, Eco Schools and KMT.

Event date: 10th March 2022 - 3.45pm-5.30pm

MEEN's Autumn Network meeting and 2021 AGM - Decarbonising schools

This event will share information and advice to help schools and local authorities decarbonise.

Event date: November 11th 2021 3.45 - 5.30pm

MEEN's Summer Eco Schools Network meeting

Climate change is here and this session is aimed at supporting schools to respond.

Event date:

Spring Eco Coordinator's network meeting

Join Eco Coordinators to share Eco Schools practices and activities and hear from providers able to help.

Event date: 25th February 2021

What would a Green Recovery mean for schools? MEEN 2020 AGM and GM ESD Forum

This session explores different perspectives on how schools can become Zero Carbon by the Greater Manchester target of 2038.

Event date: October 30th 2020

Spring 2019 Eco Schools Green Teach Meet

This Eco Schools session will share stories on becoming an Eco School and help you have fun with fungi.

Event date: March 12th 2020

Rewilding the City - MEEN's 2019 AGM and GM ESD Forum

Is it possible to rewild a city? We will explore different ideas for rewilding our environment with four contributors leading our discussions.

Event date: October 17th 2019


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