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Why Farming Matters

Suitable for: KS2
This comprehensive resource looks at farming matters using picture sets and lots of creative ideas to find out about how food is produced.

Egg Farms

Suitable for: KS2 and KS3
A range of lesson plans and workshops about egg farming, including a designing an egg farm activity, charting the egg production systems and activities on free range and battery chickens.
Lesson Plan

Food Miles Assembly and lesson plan

Suitable for: KS2
An assembly outline and lesson plan exploring food miles and climate change.
Lesson Plan

Genetically Modified Food

Suitable for: KS 2 - 4
A role play lesson incorporating fact and opinion cards.
Lesson Plan
Opinion Cards
Role play Cards

How sustainable is your apple?

Suitable for: KS 2 - 4 and adult
A worksheet which allows pupils to compare the sustainability issues of different types of apples. Issues include packaging, country of origin, how it was grown and where it was bought.  You will need to source some different apples or create information about different kinds of apples. Print out the grid and cards and ask pupils to fill it in detailing information about their apples and to evaluate which apple is the most sustainable.
Lesson Grid
Information Cards

Soil and Crop Rotation

Suitable for: KS2 A lesson plan for KS2 exploring healthy soil and crop rotations using Soil Association picture cards and caption cards.
Lesson Plan 
Caption Cards

Sustainable Food Personality Quiz 

Suitable for:  KS3, KS4
A set of personality quiz cards which encourage pupils to explore their own and others' viewpoints on sustainable food.
Lesson Plan
Quiz Cards

Oxfam World Food Day resources

Suitable for KS2, KS3 and KS4
International World Food Day on 16th October is an ideal time to start exploring what food means for people around the world. Resources include assemblies, lesson plans and activities associated with the global food crisis.

Grains Education Pack

Suitable for KS1, KS2 and KS3
The Grains Education Pack shows the importance of grains and bread to people all over the world, includes information on cereal growing in the UK and details on how to grow your very own mini wheat field. This interesting educational pack also has plenty of other information and activities for children to try.

Supporting Materials and Projects

Food for Life

The Food for Life programme has a range of curriculum resources available.





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