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MEEN began life in 1994 as an informal organisation. It was run voluntarily by teachers who wanted to bring environmental issues into their teaching practice. Today, MEEN has become an independent charity.  In January 2001 a coordinator was employed to support and build the network.  Since then, MEEN has provided a range of CPD services, training sessions and networking events, conferences and numerous projects around sustainability with schools and educational providers.

MEEN is now over 20 years old and still upholds its core values: it was set up to support its members and to promote the sustainability agenda within schools and to agencies working with schools. The first edition of Beehive, the MEEN newsletter, was produced in 1994, and despite a few changes in its format, continues to be produced today.

MEEN has undergone two significant changes due to the impacts of austerity. Firstly, our remit changed from serving the city of Manchester to cover Greater Manchester. MEEN has always had members from schools in other parts of Greater Manchester so it seemed appropriate, especially as services in the other nine Council areas were being reduced, to widen our remit. Secondly, we now focus increasingly on projects working directly with schools either through the curriculum or working with young people in their Eco Committees.

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Beehive: the MEEN newsletter

Beehive provides information about up and coming events and opportunities, runs stories from Manchester schools to inspire good practice, reviews up to date teaching resources and lists training opportunities.

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