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School Project Packages and Inset 

Although much of MEEN's work is organised around specific, fully funded projects we can also deliver a range of sessions to schools for a charge. Below is a list of some of what we have on offer although we are happy to devise sessions to fit your needs such as for Science Day or Earth Day.

MEEN Green Days

We can run Green Days or Eco Days with a variety of activities for different year groups and key stages, exploring curriculum relevant issues, from running a Bio Blitz for Year 4, a Climate Change session for Year 6, and putting on one of our assemblies with a KS1 class. (£175)

Living Sustainably Assembly

This assembly teaches basic principles about what we use and how our actions impact the world. Working with a KS1 class for an hour before the assembly they help deliver the session to their peers, acting as trees, birds, miners and windmills to re-imagine a sustainable world.  This morning or afternoon session is available for £75.

Working for Wildlife Assembly

This assembly focuses on the problems local wildlife face in a world dominated by humans. Working with a KS1 class for an hour before the assembly the pupils help illustrate the story of Higgledy Hedgehog as she tries to source a tasty lunch. She meets with new roads, fencing and farming issues before everyone re-imagines a world more helpful to wildlife. This morning or afternoon session is available for £75.

Climate Change

All packages are bespoke and adaptable to your school and your KS needs.Offers include:

  • Interactive facilitation to inspire an understanding of Climate Change available for all Key Stages. (1 hr session £30)
  • A whole school Climate Change project which, depending on the choices pupils make, can include peer learning; assemblies; pupils teaching their families; Eco Club sessions; developing Climate Change as a Transition project, etc. (8 sessions totals £240)

Let's Get Wild

All packages are bespoke to help school communities learn outside, and include:

  • Setting up an after-school Eco Club to run exciting nature based sessions or to implement a project in the school grounds, such as a wild garden or Forest Garden. (£30 per session)
  • Create a themed outdoor family learning day in the school grounds or the local environment inspired by curriculum materials or books such as The Lorax, or Stig of the Dump, etc. (Cost dependent on hours.)

Teacher training

MEEN offers a variety of staff training sessions around the sustainability agenda and will do so on request. Although we have set topics we can adapt to any particular subject. For example, we delivered a bespoke 'Plastic-free school' session for a large primary school.

Session 1 (1hr):  The Bigger Picture
An opportunity to consider both the global and local issues around sustainability and to use and explore methodologies for education for sustainability.

Session 2 (1hr):  Developing a Sustainable School
This session applies learning (from the previous session) to assess the school's current achievements around sustainability and develop an action plan to take the agenda forward.

Session 3 (1hr):  Embedding Sustainability in the Curriculum
This session is tailored to help individual schools develop their curriculum or work towards embedding sustainability in their current curriculum.

Session 4 (1hr):  Assessing the Value of Sustainability Projects in Your School
This session helps explore the effectiveness of the sustainability agenda in addressing a multitude of other important issues (transition, community cohesion, achievement etc) and assesses its value and future potential.

Session 5 (1hr): Climate Change
This session helps staff understand the basic science of Climate Change, the impacts it will have on our lives, how to mitigate and adapt to it, whilst looking at teaching resources.

Teacher Feedback:
"Excellent  staff meeting."
"This session has really got me thinking!"
"It's given us ideas to include ESD in the curriculum."
"It changes the way you think without telling you how to think!" 

CPD (Continuous Professional Development)
MEEN regularly facilitates training on specific issues around education for sustainability such as conferences and workshops on waste, food, growing in schools and energy.  Look out for the latest details in our newsletter Beehive.

To discuss or to book sessions contact Raichael Lock on

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