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Listed here are funding initiatives that schools can access for work on their grounds or for educational projects.  The majority of these funders will also provide money for projects that are not in schools, as long as they fall within the remit of their funding priorities.

The information includes the name of the funder, name of the grants programme (where applicable), grant details and contact details for the funder.  Contact details are those that were provided  by the funder and therefore where there is only a telephone number, or only an address, this is the method by which they must be contacted.  They are listed in alphabetical order, according to the name of the funder.*

Grant details are correct at the time of collation, apologies for any changes that have occurred in the interim.

*MEEN does not take any responsibility for the ethical position of these funders.

25 records have been found.

Partnership Grants, The Royal Society

This scheme helps schools to run exciting and innovative projects in partnership with a professional scientist or engineer.

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Patagonia: International Grants

The International Grants Program supports grassroots activist organizations that have direct-action agendas and are working on strategic, multipronged campaigns to preserve and protect our environment

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Reaching Communities

Reaching Communties fund projects and organisations that work to make positive changes in their community. By community they mean people living in the same area, or people with similar interests or li

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Tesco Community Grants

The scheme is open to all schools, registered charities and not-for-profit organisations, with priority given to projects that provide food and support to young people.

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The Alpkit Foundation

Alpkit, the Nottingham-based Alpine adventure sports brand retailer, has set up a new charity to help schools, expedition leaders and conservation bodies.

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The Ernest Cook Trust

The Ernest Cook Trust gives grants to encourage young people’s interest in the countryside and the environment.

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The Naturesave Trust

The Trust obtains 100% of its funding from the premiums generated by Naturesave Insurance. The Trust focuses primarily on grant funding for environmental projects, and also funds sustainability advice

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The Nineveh Charitable Trust

The Nineveh Charitable Trust supports a broad range of UK-based projects and activities of benefit to the General Public, with an emphasis on promoting better understanding of the countryside.

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The Prince's Trust

The Trust has Development Awards to help tackle financial barriers preventing young people from accessing education, training or employment.

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The Royal Society

Tomorrow’s climate scientists is an extension to the Society's school funding programme Partnership Grants. Introduced in 2020, Tomorrow's climate scientists aims to give students across the UK not

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The Steel Charitable Trust

This trust makes grants to UK charities mainly, but not entirely, in the Bedfordshire area.

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Tree Council (The)

The Tree Council have two grant programmes for tree planting - Trees for Schools and Community Trees.

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